1. What is CPI?

Answer: CPI is the abridged form of ‘Center for Promoting Ideas’ which is an international research organization.

2. What does CPI do?

Answer: CPI conducts and finances research projects on contemporary issues, provides the scholarship to poor and meritorious students, exploring creativity through business plan competition, provides training on research areas, arranges national and international seminars and work-shops and publishes the research papers through international journals.

3. What is the nature of CPI organization?

Answer: Center for Promoting Ideas (CPI) is a non-profit research based organization.

4. Does CPI publish journals?

Answer: Yes. CPI publishes the quality research papers through six international journals. The journals follow double blind peer review policy.

5. What are the names of the CPI journals?

Answer: International Journal of Business and Social Science International Journal of Humanities and Social Science. International Journal of Applied Science and Technology. American International Journal of Contemporary Research. International Journal of Business, Humanities and Technology. American International Journal of Social Science

6. Does CPI conduct research?

Answer: Yes. CPI conducts researches on contemporary issues throughout the world.

7. Does CPI provide research grant?

Answer: CPI provides 20 research grants each year (Each equals to 300 USD).

8. Does CPI arrange seminars and workshops?

Answer: Yes, CPI arranges international seminar twice a year.

9. How can I apply for the position of reviewers in CPI journals?

Answer: Please send your complete C.V. / biography with Photo to the director at [email protected] along with the completed application form.
Download the application for reviewer

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10. How can I become a member of CPI Global Team?

Answer: CPI encourages the researchers and academicians throughout the world to be the part of CPI Global Team. It is a platform to share your expertise and contemporary thinking with millions of experts in the world. The basic criterion to become the member of CPI Global Team is to have minimum one publication in any journal run by CPI. If you are interested to be the part of CPI family, please fill up the prescribed application form as below and send it to the director (international relations) at [email protected]
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