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Center for Promoting Ideas (CPI) is an international research based organization. CPI runs International Journal of Business and Social Science, International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, International Journal of Applied Science and Technology, American International Journal of Contemporary Research, International Journal of Business, Humanities and Technology and American International Journal of Social Science for creating a platform to share the thoughts of professionals, scholars and academicians throughout the world. The journals are published from USA under the direct supervisions of renowned academicians of the world. The quick review process, rich editorial boards and quality publications have already made these journals unique.

The editorial board is recruiting editors for the journals. Please note that it is a voluntary activity and hence no financial remuneration will be given to the editors. The language of the work is English. The medium of the work is internet.

Editor's name and affiliation will be listed in the printed journal and on the journal's webpage.

If you are interested to be an editor, fill up the prescribed application form and send it to the director at [email protected].

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